Craft beer is our passion.

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At Sarene Craft Beer Distributors, we strive to work with the best craft breweries around the globe and connect them with consumers that are as passionate as we are.

What They Say

We are looking forward to working with Sarene Craft Beer Distributors to introduce our beers to New York. Both Sarene and Knee Deep are relatively young companies with a shared goal of providing high quality craft beer to New York.
Colin works with Sarene Beer, they bring us a wide range of interesting craft beers from all over North America. Sarene deals with good stuff exclusively. Colin brings un-bridled enthusiasm to the proceedings as he preaches the word of great beer to all within earshot.
As I know you understand, there's a lot of research that goes into building a high-quality portfolio. I am always challenged to keep my selection current, excellent and fresh, and within a range of affordability that provides access to a broad demographic. I am especially challenged when I'm dealing with massive distributors with a broad range of brands (and, ahem, quality). Working with you and the brands you are bringing into the market makes my work much easier.
I am so excited to work with Matt and his team at Sarene. The response from the community about our beer and about Matt’s new business has been overwhelming and we are happy to be teaming up to bring great beer to Westchester and beyond.

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Sarene Craft Beer Distributors
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Congrats Carton Brewing, Central Waters Brewing Company, Grey Sail Brewing of Rhode Islandand Logsdon Farmhouse Ales, LLC.!!
Sarene Craft Beer Distributors
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Congratulations Will Meyers and Cambridge Brewing Company!
Sarene Craft Beer Distributors
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Get Excidered!
Sarene Craft Beer Distributors
Sarene Craft Beer Distributors
Excited to announce the news that Sarene Craft Beer Distributors will be opening April 1st in the great state of New Jersey!!! Looking forward to serve some great beer to the Garden State!!! We'll be distributing some great breweries to start and more to come!!!


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