About Us


Sarene was started in 2013 by two brothers and a cousin with over two decades in craft beer distribution. New York is an incredible place with a beer scene that disproportionately lags behind. Independent brewers deserve a home in our great state with a distributor that cares for their art as they do. Sarene was inevitable, born after conversations with frustrated bar owners about miscommunications, misallocations, mistreatment and missed deliveries.

We hold ourselves to a standard of distributing beer only in a manner befitting of the quality in the glass. We want to share the beer we love with our community while taking the best care of our customers, employees and supplier partners. Our name, rooted in sentimentality, has become synonymous with quality and customer service. Today, we continue to search the globe and select carefully those making beer that we’re proud to represent. We raise a glass to honor our family’s past as we look forward to the future of the craft beer movement.

The Family

  • Matt Schulman
    Matt SchulmanOwner

    Matt began his journey into the world of craft beer immediately out of college when he started his career as a salesman at a local distributor. Craft beer quickly became a passion of his as he was immediately drawn to the incredible complexity, history, and sense of community based around this beverage. The idea of partnering with some of the best breweries in the world to share their products with the New York market where he grew up is what drove him to start Sarene and what continues to motivate him every day.

  • Colin Stange
    Colin StangeOwner

    Colin began selling craft beer in New York in 2007. As he continued to grow and move with beer he ended up managing an upstart craft beer distributor in Connecticut. His almost ten years in the industry have given him the opportunity to make a career out of the greatest beverage in the world and have made owning a distributor with his family a natural fit.

    Thomas Jefferson put it best “Beer, if drunk in moderation, softens the temper, cheers the spirit and promotes health.”

  • Eric Schulman
    Eric SchulmanOwner

    “Water, water, every where,
    And all the boards did shrink;
    Water, water, every where,
    Nor any drop to drink.”

    The world is dominated by watered-down, adjunct-laden and profit-driven fizzy water. We all deserve better. Eric is just happy to be even the smallest part of the fight to put truth, passion and flavor back into the glass. 

  • Joe Grabowski
    Joe GrabowskiOwner

    After earning a masters degree in engineering and trying to figure out where life might take him, Joe received an interesting proposal from his old college friend Matt about starting a new business. Being a craft beer enthusiast and having an entrepreneurial spirit, Joe jumped at the chance to become a founding member of Sarene.